PW Special

We proudly present our newest member of the family: the PW Special
A blond beer of 7%, made with oatmeal.
We work around the clock to finish our etiket and hope to present it very soon.
But the important thing is that our beer is ready and waiting for you to be tasted.
So come on over and enjoy this latest addition.
It has been fully approved by the public of Modeste Beerfestival!!

Update Artisanal Weekend

Proud to announce our bands!!

On Saturday 20th of August:from 2am: Rumble Creek Lake
A rare mix of blues and rock!!!
More info? check their SITE

On Sunday 21th of August from 2am: Our very own brewery band: The Blue Note Maniacs
A wonderful combination of jazz and blues where nobody
will be seated on their chair!!!

We won’t let you starve. We will serve hamburgers together with our beers on tap!!!
We will brew a little, so you can see how it is done.
We already ordered some sun so we will see you on the 20th and the 21st of August!!!

Winter(s) Bierfestival Vichte

We have the honour to attend the 3rd edition of the Winter(s) Bierfestival at Vichte.
At the festival we will launch our WinterZjef 2015 for the first time, but no worries, you can also taste our other beers.
We will be having a party, together with the other 10 topbrewers, but we need you to make this festival the best one of 2015!!
So come and join us!!
For more information, click on this link.
We hope to see you soon!!!

winters bierfestival Vichte


We are proud to announce that the butcher shop ter Saksen has choosen 3 of our 4 beers to be in their baskets where they match a beer with a special cheese.
If you want to discover which of our beer is matched with which cheese, please click on the link below and download the ‘Kaasdegustatiefolder’!!
It’s only available in Dutch but i hope you can translate it because it is definetly worth it!!!

Ter Saksen Butcher Shop