19/04/2017: The Kloefkapper will be out of production, but we welcome a new beer: Witte Mie

Description: (out of production since 2017)
30The Kloefkapper is a lager of 5,7 %. It has a bit of wheat and is firmly hopped, what makes him bitter. The ideal summer beer, a beer you can drink all day.

The name is derived from the dialect of Nieuwkerken-Waas. Our village was originally a wooden shoemaker village. In the strict sense it means a clog but it is popularly used out of contempt for a slightly derailed person.

To obtain in :
kloefkapper_smallBottles of 33 cl

Alcohol percentage:
5,7% alc./vol.

Primitive extract:
16 °Plato

Serve between :
4 and 10°C (bottle)

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